Never leave the kitchen unattended

Moises inside the kitchenWell not when there's a horse about!!!  As you can see from the picture we decided that as it was hot we'd let the horses into the garden for some shade.  Rather foolishly we left the kitchen door open so that we could get some breeze, bad move as Mo decided to try our stable for size!

It's the look from a very jealous Jemma in the background that makes me laugh..."I want to go in"!!!

Just booked another beach holiday with the horses, this time off to Norfolk.  So guess who'll be wearing his Ipswich Town shirt with pride then!!!! Cool

Not much else to report as it's too hot to do anything at the moment.  Still to hot to render the house, will the conditions ever be right?  I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'll bet it took less time than to fix my house!

[In case you read this James, Happy Birthday - cards in the post!]

Posted: Wednesday 26 July 2006

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