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I know that the rest of the world was doing this ages ago but I have finally worked out how to syndicate my Blog via RSS feeds - cool huh?

Ok, well I though it was ok.  Why has it taken so long?  Well to put it simply my day job is working in ColdFusion/MS SQL and my evenings/blog work is in PHP/MySQL.  They are close enough to each other to be similar and different enough to be a pain!  Could I work out how to create a valid UNIX time-stamp from MySQL that used a valid date identifier, eg GMT not BST?  Well yes it is simple now I know the answer, but at the time.....  In case you are a geek and want to know how:

strftime( "%a, %d %b %Y %T %z" , $result['Date']) 

%Z to %z was all I needed to do!!!!  Don't you just love being a programmer???!!!!

Click on the orange logo in the address bar in Firefox, or from the RSS feed button in IE7.  Not sure how to do it in IE6 as I've forgotten, sorry!

Posted: Thursday 27 July 2006

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