Limping horse update

Jemma in boots!Jemma has been cooped up in the stable now since Thursday and it seems to be doing some good.  The heat is less now in her pulled ligament and the heat that was coming in the other leg seems to have calmed down as well.

This is the draw back of her pulling her good front leg, all the weight goes through the bad one...

The good news is, she's walking around the stable better, is sleeping more at night which is taking the weight off and Mo is being brave in the field without her!  The very nice people at the B&B in Norfolk where we were going to take the horses has agreed to give us our deposit back which is nice.  Should get her to send it direct to the vets, save postage!!!! Laughing

As you can see from the crap camera phone picture of Jemma, she's looking like "Puss in boots" with her legs all strapped up!

Onwards and upwards!

Posted: Wednesday 09 August 2006

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