Moises is back in business!!!

The lorry!After all the problems of the last few months we decided to take a chance and try another show with Mo.  We kept it a huge secret, in case of any last minute disasters!, but in the end all went well.  The show in question was the Hartwell Showing Show in Stone, picked because it was both close enough to be easy to get to and far enough away so we wouldn't bump into anyone we knew!  We also felt it would be a small friendly little show which we needed to get our confidence up.

We again called upon the services of Trevelyan for the box, but for this one we had to use a lorry (right) rather than the Renault van - to say Nadia's eyes almost popped out of her head at the site of the truck is an understatement!!

It took us a while to work out how air-brakes worked and for Nadia to find second gear but once those little problems were cracked we were on our way!  Aylesbury on a Saturday morning in a massive horse box was "fun" but thanks to some great navigation from me we soon found Stone and we were there!

Me and Mo at the show!Nadia decided that it would be a great idea for me to dress up like a prat and show Mo in the little classes. So with Tweed jacked and hat we made our showing debut!  I think if I'd worked out were the accelerator was on Mo for the trotting we'd have made a winning start but had to settle for second - boo!  Spurred on by defeat we went for immediate revenge and entered another class and with some practise the trotting was better and first place was ours!

After a nice long break, well for Mo as there was no refreshments on site for humans!, it was Nadia's time to dress up and look silly.  She put on a good show and managed to grab another second place.  Then after all the hard work it was time to go home, tired but well happy.  (Is it sad to admit we were in bed by 9pm??!!!)

Must say thanks to Grace our 10 year-old helper who helped groom Mo on Friday in readiness for his big day, he had white legs again!!!

Best bit of the day - seeing Mo and Nadia happy again, sorted!

See pictures of the day

Jemma update: I was wrong, the vet is back in 3-4 weeks she'll still be boxed for months.  We got her magnet boots to see if they help and so far so good.

She's had a little time out on grass and seems much happier, which is great news.  Sulked when she didn't go out in the box though!

Posted: Tuesday 29 August 2006

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