Goodbye Harry

HarryThis entry was supposed to be a nice entry talking about my new car which I picked up yesterday but unfortunately has been overshadowed by the old cat Harry passing away.

Harry had been around since my mid-teens so was around 18 years old and to be honest I'd begun to think of him as indestructible but sadly that wasn't the case.  Dad rang to say that Harry went out and looked back with an expression that made dad think, he'd never see him again.  Sure enough a few hours later I got the call to say that he'd found Harry in his favourite spot in the garden.

Quite how he knew it was his time I don't know but at least he went on his own terms and in a place he was happy mum and dads will not be the same without him.

Goodbye Harry old friend, I'll miss you.

Posted: Thursday 14 September 2006

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