Cross your fingers!

Well if all goes to plan, tomorrow will see the start of the top coat of render on the house - it's only taken a year but hey, who's counting?!

What else has been happening since the last blog? 

Moises has started to have lessons again he's had two cracking lessons in the last few weeks, it looks like he's not only feeling 100% but he's grown up and is finally being a good boy.  As you can tell we are very proud of the little fella!

Jemma is also on the mend, we are walking her out a little now to help get the leg working again.  She went down the road to see her mate Parsley the other day and was well happy to be out again.  She walked out very well so fingers crossed we've turned the corner!

The horses have been spoilt rotten, in the last three weeks they've had:

Yes, they are better treated than I am! 

Posted: Friday 20 October 2006

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