El Caballo de Espaņa

Moises and Nadia in the schoolMoises, Nadia and I went off to El Caballo de España near Northampton for a lesson with Peter Maddison-Greenwell. It was the first time that Mo and Nadia have had a proper "Spanish" lesson together so was very interesting. Pictured on the right is Mo with his flags! (Click the image for a larger version)

It is always good to see another intructors way of teaching and to see if that can help Nadia improve. He was certainly a good teacher and it's given Nadia a lot of confidence for future work. I think that we'll try and go back there again, time and money permitting!

It was funny with Mo at the yard. He did his usual bellowing call when he got off the lorry but the look of surprise on his face when half a dozen Spanish Stallions answered!!!! He promtly hid behind Nadia the big jessy!

On Thursday we went back to Peter's yard to watch a lecture demo by him and his team on the Spanish horse, very good - if a little cold!

For more information visit El Caballo de España

Posted: Friday 27 October 2006

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