Well done Nadia and Mo!

Nadia and Mo schoolingAlmost a year after Nadia and Moises last did a dressage test, they returned to action on Sunday 12 November at Wing.

We decided a nice, low key, low pressure, non-qualification prelim test would be the way to go and hope that both he and Nadia were over the worst of the illnesses.

It was another "quiet" weekend, up at 06:00, leave Eversholt at 07.30, do a test, home, wash out box, take box back etc etc! But is was worth it as Nadia came second!!!! 62% which was the same as the winner but she had two less marks on the collective - boo!!! In my eyes - joint first - ok, yes I am biased!!!

Nadia and Mo warming upIt was great to see Mo going along and almost enjoying himself. He was obviously sulking a little bit because he hates having to work before he's had his breakfast but cheered up after he'd had two Kit-Kats and a mug of tea. Yes, he is a horse - I just don't think anyone's told him that!

The judge was very nice, someone called Nicola - must be a posh version of Nicki!!!! Laughing

Jemma in the lorryJemma update!

She was somewhat annoyed that yet again Mo went out in the lorry without her and was in a right grump when we got back but after we let her load in the lorry she was happy again. Odd animal!

The image on the right shows Jemma and Nadia in the lorry, sorry it's a rubbish picture bit I was holding the partition back and only had my camera-phone to hand!

To see a bigger version of this image, just click on it and a larger one will display.

Posted: Monday 13 November 2006

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