Welcome to the world Alex!

Alex Kellett aged one dayTime to say "ah!" and other gooey words as it is time to say hello to little Alexander William Lewis Kellett born on 19 November 2006 at 23:21 in Northampton. 

For those that this means something to, eg women, he weighed in at 7lb 13oz.  Why do we care about the weight by the way?  You wouldn't dream of meeting your mate's new girlfriend and saying "Hi, nice to meet you - how heavy are you?"  Well unless you want a big slap I suppose.

Anyway, little Alex and his mum, Lisa, are doing well - If a little tired - and by the time this goes live all should be back home.

Congratulations to Tony and Lisa on their new arrival, and all the best for the future! 

Posted: Tuesday 21 November 2006

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