January catch up

Me on Derby Ok, it's been a while so I guess I ought to fill in the blanks about what's been happening in Ian world. 

For a start I've actually been working for a change, quite a lot to do in fact but we won't mention that as we know what happens when you mention work in a blog!

Jemma has been better, then ill, then better again.  She is currently being blown away in the field by the gales - good job she's put on weight - anchor her down!!!  After our Christmas day ride we had the farrier over two days later and he spotted a problem with an abscess in her back foot.  So it was poultice time again!  Joy, three times a day washing and packing her foot, two of them in the dark - fun!  After a week of box rest, she got a swollen leg so out came the vet!  He decided that the abscess wasn't too bad so I could ride her again.  She went round the block on Saturday and then on Sunday she went out with Mo and Parsley for Mill Farm - meant to walk, but demanded a trot up the hill and was surprisingly sound!  Good old Jemma, never gives up!

Nadia on Gringo On Sunday Nadia and I went up to El Caballo de España for my Christmas present - a lesson on a schoolmaster - which I lived through!!!!!!  To be fair you Derby (the horse) was as good as gold and I've had more trouble off my old rocking horse.  He was a big boy though, it was a long way down. See the picture of me above (click on it for a larger version).  It is in black and white because the school was indoors and the white balance on my camera couldn't cope with the orange light and it looked like we'd been Tango'd!

Nadia also had a lesson on a schoolmaster although she had Gringo a Spanish stallion, how was much younger and more 'lively' than Derby!  I think she did very well and when we get five minutes we'll view the video and know for sure if we were any good. See the image right of Nadia, again click it for a larger version. 

We travelled back up to Holdenby on Wednesday for a lesson with Peter this time Nadia on Mo.  That also went well, Mo seems to like up there, lots of fellow Spaniards to talk to.

One piece of very good news is Amy came out of Hospital on Tuesday after missing all of Christmas and New Year because of illness but she looks like she's well on the way to recovery. 

Posted: Thursday 18 January 2007

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