Growing old disgracefully!

Jemma with her rosetteI thought that it was only Mick Jagger that was growing old disgracefully, but it appears Jemma is giving him a run for his money!  This weekends sponsored ride at Waddesdon Manor was meant to be a nice little hack of 11 miles to raise some money and for us to have a day out.  Jemma had other ideas, to her it was a cross-country event that she HAD to win!

The Friday before we took the horses round the block for a little hack just to check my newly re-flocked saddle and to check everything was working ok.  Well it wasn't, Jemma was as lame as a duck and the ride on Sunday was in the balance.  By Saturday afternoon and a trotting up later, Jemma looked ok.  It appears that she'd overdone it getting exciting over a pig (long story!) but it was all systems go!!!

A mane pull and a bath on Saturday and Jemma looked 10 years younger and was getting very excited - she was going out for the day! 

We arrived at Waddesdon and Jemma was already on her toes, well excited and we crossed the start line jogging on the spot, ears up and ready to go!  We crossed the finish line 11 miles later, jogging on the spot, ears up and ready to go again!!  By then however she was dripping, and I mean dripping, with sweat - but she was the happiest horse in the world!  She was so hot we had to buy a sweat rug at the event!

The bit in the middle, ie the actual ride was - "interesting" - Jemma was probably the most difficult to ride that she's ever been.  Pulling and jogging all the way around, refusing to slow down, charging after anyone who overtook her.  She was being so difficult Nadia kept suggesting that I take over on Mo - me ride the youngster and she'll take over the old school master!!  

The Waddesdon ride was very good, hats off the Rotary Club who organised it.  It was brilliant, the organisation was spot on.  People helping everywhere, good signs and very nice people!  I am hoping that I can buy some images for the web soon, until then see the picture of Jemma with her rosette. Thanks to everyone that sponsored me, I raised almost £40 for Wheelpower. 

It was a good day - I would say that Jemma has done her last one though at her age, but based on Sunday...never say never!

Posted: Thursday 03 May 2007

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