What a busy week!

Me and Jemma on the beach at HolmeFirst up there was our holiday to "sunny" Norfolk with the horses. Ok, very wet and windy Norfolk. That was great fun if a little tiring. There are loads of pictures and videos to add to the site later. See Jemma and I on the beach. More later on!

Then there was getting back to see my house is rendered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!! It's finished! Well all bar the painting. Pictures later.

I turned 33 on Friday - was so tired from holiday I was in bed by 21.30 - rock and roll!

Finally today Nadia and I celebrate eight years together - who'd have thought it? You get less for armed robbery!

Very busy at work this week hence the delay in pictures so hang in there!

Posted: Monday 04 June 2007

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