Devon and back in a day!

Our new horsebox It's not often you decide to do a 486 mile round-trip just to go shopping but this Saturday that is exactly what we did!

Nadia had seen the perfect horsebox to buy in South Devon so at 05:30 off we went. Nadia, her dad and I heading off down the wonderful M4/M5 the weekend of Glastonbury! Good plan! As you can image it was a little damp in places which made driving fun!

However in terms of the day it was a success - we found the box and it was indeed a good one so the return trip was a convoy car and horsebox.

Was that the end of the matter? No. Sunday was spent, wait for, cleaning and waxing (!) the horsebox. I spent about ½ an hour on a ladder scrubbing the roof! Therefore if there are any birds reading this that are planning to fly in the Eversholt region please can you ensure that when overflying the box you invert in order to keep the roof clean!

Once we've got a few little bits sorted we'll make the first trip out in it - the horses are very keen to go. Jemma loaded straight away on Saturday night after calling for an hour to have a look! Last night after a hack out she went and had another investigate. Calm down Jemma it's only a horsebox!   I've put some images of the box online.

Posted: Wednesday 27 June 2007

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