Rough deal for the NHS

People do like to paint a negative image of the NHS from being dirty to slow - you name it it's thrown at it. Therefore it's always nice when you are shocked by the opposite being true.

For the second time in about six weeks Nadia needed the NHS - this time A&E in Milton Keynes after she decided to become "Nadia the stunt rider" or to put it another way - fell off the horse!  We had to sit in A&E for a few hours while they checked out and x-rayed her hip, back and shoulder. They also checked her brain but couldn't find one so gave up looking!  (like they needed to look she's been with me for over seven years, if that's not proof of damage nothing is!).  Thankfully there was nothing more wrong than bruising and a few cuts but the nice new riding hat is off to the bin as we can't be sure if it's ok to use again.  Easier than replacing her head I guess!

So thanks to MK Hospital for all their work.

Got loads of other stuff to talk about, mainly horse related - Jemma & Mo doing Parelli. Got to get a picture of Jemma with her new Parelli bridle.  She looks a cross between Wonder Woman and Trigger!

Posted: Friday 14 September 2007

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