Level one graduate

Moises with his playballCredit where it's due, Nadia's hard work with Parelli has paid off - she's now a level one graduate!

That doesn't mean much to those outside of the programme but for anyone that's out there "rope-wiggling" it means a lot! Well done to Nadia and Mo for the success, she now has a red Savvy string to play with. Or more to the point a red Savvy string to look at as she doesn't want to get it dirty!

Pat and Linda (Parelli) should have a good Christmas after funded the entire festivities I think at Your Horse Live at the weekend with Nadia going a little mad on the retail side! New coat, DVDs, shirts etc oh and a new 22ft line....because Moises peed on the last one?!

We are also the proud owners of a Parelli play ball for the horses. As you can see from the picture (right) Mo loves it. Jemma so wants to play but is still very right brain , so Mo finds it funny (I swear he does) to kick it at her and watch her run off!! I know that it seems stupid but the work we've done to stop the horses spooking at plastic, cones etc has been amazing. 

Posted: Monday 12 November 2007

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