Jemma is mobile again!!!!!

Jemma climbing tyresJemma is back in business!!!!!

Jemma is defying the Vet and is going out again! Only in-hand but it's brilliant. Me and JemJem going for a walk - Wicked! Christmas may be looking up after all!

Which means the picture I have of Jemma at her Parelli fun-day is not her last one outside which means I can show it to people. Didn't want to show it if it was her last outing as it was too sad.

Therefore pictured right is Jemma at Stacy's playing with some tractor tyres to show how brave she's getting. When, and I do mean when, I get her playing with the ball - a picture will follow.

I will put some details up of the marriage classes soon - got to stop laughing first!!!!

Posted: Monday 19 November 2007

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