Walking the bunni!

The rabbits on their leadsI'm sure my neighbours have long thought we were mad, but now I think they have proof!

The rabbits seem to be raiding the fridge when we are at work, either that or ordering take-away as Flopps is still a fat so-and-so!  Therefore if the diet wasn't working then in true healthy fashion she needs exercise as well.  With that in mind, she's getting a daily walk to see the horses!  As you can see from the picture on the right Nadia decided that Buggs had to have a walk on Saturday morning -in the rain! Ooh, how pleased was she!!!

Ok, I admit it's not exactly the recommended 20 minutes a day but she's only little so I think in relative terms it's about right.   It would appear that she quite likes the walk and Moises seems to love having her in his stable - and spends his time nudging her to play.  Either that or he's so used to the fact that if he nudges the ball food comes out and he thinks the same will happen with her.

Bet he wont eat the pellets that do come out of her though!!!! 

Posted: Monday 03 December 2007

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