Didn't think we'd get a pic like this again!

Nadia on JemmaJemma - what can I say? In August we honestly thought that we'd have lost her before the year was out. At best she was going to be a limping old thing in the field, but...

We forgot to tell her that!

She's been so well of late and sulks if she's not allowed to do the same as Moises so when we decided to go up the woods in the lorry we though "shall we take Jemma, just for a walk?". "I wonder if she'll cope?" Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a very nice drag around Woburn woods by a mad horse who decided that charging was far more fun that walking - it's alright for 4xHoofs but two feet drive (in wellies) was not the easiest! I think she was even happier when a lady asked if she was a youngster!

Does being two weeks shy of 21 count as young in thoroughbred terms?

After that excitment Nadia though on Sunday I ought to get my ar*e into the saddle again so it was my turn to ride Mo round the block and it's fair to say Jemma didn't want to miss out so she was saddled (and got very, View from Movery, very excited) so Nadia got on and rode her for the first time in four months - not far, not fast, but boy was she a happy horse!

Problems? Well only Nadia trying to slow Jemma down! See my "great" picture of them taken on my phone from Mo!!!

Never ridden? Ever wondered what the view is like? See >>>>
Great huh??? This could be a whole new section of the site "Random pictures taken on my phone".

Not easy to take a picture and steer at the same time!!!! Wonder if I should have been "hands-free?"!!!

Yesterday was also my first ride in my new body-protector....how the f**k are you meant to breathe? Great, my backs safe but I've crushed my lungs and all other internal organs!

Posted: Monday 17 December 2007

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