Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, anyone else thinking the holiday period was a little...short? Back at work, joy!

Before I get too far, Happy Birthday Jemma - she was 21 on New Years day, who would have thought she would have made that little milestone after the summer she had? What a trooper she is!

Talking of troopers little Buggs (rabbit) was ill over Christmas but is now on the mend. We noticed that she was a bit smelly but put it down to the fact she's been in the stable and outside so gave her a bath. When wet we noticed she'd lost loads of weight and started to worry. She was given extra food and monitored during feeding and was very apparent during this time that she wasn't eating well at all so we started an investigation using our trusty book The Rabbit Whisperer by Ingrid Tarrant . Oh dear, mouth problem!!! The vet confirmed it and on New Years Eve she was back at the vets for a little operation - she was home by 3pm and eating like a, well, hungry rabbit! Flopps has gone up in my estimation as she proved to be a great big sister and when Bugs was back she cleaned all the blood off her and was a very good nurse - top marks Floppy!

140 days to the wedding - must start some planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Thursday 03 January 2008

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