Moises becomes afencive!

Nadia on Mo with their Savvy stringTo be fair, far from being offensive, he has become a fence vandal as on Friday he managed to destroy a large chunk of his field fence and escape into the footpath!

Thankfully, he could not get out of the footpath and therefore didn't run away - unfortunately however, he did manage to hurt himself quite badly on the wire. 24 hours after he did it, the damage started to look a lot better than it did on Friday night just a number of cuts on his legs. He's very sore and boy does he feel sorry for himself - being a proper man and milking it, I have taught him well!!!

His little accident kind of took the gloss of yet more press coverage for the "golden couple" of Nadia and Mo. Not content with local newsletters, regional and national magazines they've now made it international with their debut in the Parelli e-news letter for 11 Jan 2008.

View this edition :: View latest edition .

Soon I'll not be important enough to be talked either of them!!!

Posted: Monday 14 January 2008

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