Happy Birthday dad!

Dad!Once upon a time, a long time ago, ok 60 years, in a land far, far away, Yorkshire, a little boy was born. This little boy was called Keith and just over a quarter of a century later - he was to have his greatest achievement...me! So Happy Birthday dad!

As you can see from his picture he's very happy about getting old - still he's got another 40 years to go before he gets his card from the Queen!!! Ha ha!!!!

Nadia, in a moment of total madness, invited everyone over for lunch so somehow we squeezed six people into our house for lunch. Roast beef and Yorkshire of course + way too many desserts!! Including a very nice cake from the Cottage Bakery in Ampthill (below right) - which served about 16 people...we have none left!!!

Jemma and Mo came to the party and decided the smash my garden up. To date the damage I've found is:

  1. Nut feeder for the birds - bitten and smashed
  2. Fat ball feeder for the birds smashed
  3. Dads cakeLittle bird table cracked
  4. Big birdtable (almost 6ft tall) pulled over and dragged across the garden
  5. Lawn dug up
  6. Solar powered light smashed
  7. Roses pruned

They had fun though!!! They also got to eat loads as my mum did her usual job of spoiling them - "I've got carrots for them" Nothing for Nadia and I - just pressies for the horses!!!

That's one of the old folks birthdays sorted just mum to go - so bring on Wednesday!!!!

Posted: Sunday 27 January 2008

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