Bye Netscape - your legacy will live on

Netscape new and oldBack in the mid 90s when I started working in the new fangled world of the Internet there was only one application you needed - Netscape.  Back when I started version 3.0 was the web browser of choice, to be fair IE 2 wasn't so much of a browser as a joke.

Most of my early work was done in the venerable old browser and even now in 2008 Netscape and I have remained, well close.  It's been many years since my default browser was a shade of green but it was always on my PC, ready to test those sites in as many browsers as possible.  Oddly for the last six months it has had a comeback as my works CMS kept crashing my new favourite of Firefox so I ran it in a seperate browser which seemed to help.

So it was very sad when yesterday I gave in to the messages and replaced it with Flock and said goodbye to the old system for the last time...assuming someone doesn't take it on of course.

That said, it's still hangin on for a while thanks to the Netstripe theme for Firefox.  Sad I know, but I built my career on old Nutscrape, can't say goodbye just yet!  

<end of an era>Bye Netscape - your legacy will live on</ end of an era>

Posted: Friday 29 February 2008

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