I'm dreaming of a white Easter...?

The rabbits and their eggI bet all those people that spend a fortune betting on a white Christmas and never getting anything wish they'd checked out the odds on a white Easter!

Very odd weather for late March and nice flurry of snow hitting the ground over the Easter weekend. It would have been the weekend that the aged parents decide to drive to Somerset to see Aunty Margy! First time they've not used the train in ages and it snows - brilliant!!! However the old fella and Pats van (the car - looks like Postman Pats van, don't ask!) made it ok so that was good. In fact the rubbish weather probably helped, as it stopped all the muppets going on holiday in their caravans so the A303 was actually a road and not a caravan park.

As you have probably guessed by now - we are mad - and in keeping with that we bought the rabbits Easter eggs (see pic) - how happy where they?!  We also chucked them out to play in the snow - Flopps enjoyed this no end, Buggs took one look and jumped on the sofa!

We bought the horses a HUGE box of Maltesers which lasted about 10 minutes.

Posted: Tuesday 25 March 2008

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