Ian's been playing!!!

BackgroundSince I got my new camera a year or so ago I've become more and more interested in photography and it will soon lead to me replacing the Fuji with a digital SLR with a big lens. Until then it's just a case of making the best of the limitations of the zoom while I eliminate the limitations of the user!

Photography magazines give loads of inspiration as well as expanding my use of Photoshop. CS3 is some distance away from version 3 that I started with back in the late 90s. Yes I am getting old - I know!

Well, inspired by the magazine tips I looked for an outlet so I've started a desktop backgrounds section of the site.

So if you life would not be complete without one of my pictures on your computer you can download them now: www.ianmeadows.me.uk/images/backgrounds.

If you'd like to learn more, or see the magazines visit Digital Photo or Practical Photography which are both available at most newsagents or supermarkets. 

Posted: Wednesday 07 May 2008

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