Wedding and honeymoon

 In case any of you were in any doubt - Nadia and I got married. We may have mentioned it once or twice, that and the honeymoon to Canada.

I apologise for boring the hell out of people with talk of it but you'll be pleased to know - your bordom is almost at an end.

The wedding itself went very well, everyone who should be there was and the day was enjoyed by all that came. Nadia looked wonderful in her dress and still managed to ride the horse which was great. Simon and I looked far too alike it was quite scary!

The honeymoon started the following day with a flight to Toronto which actually wasn't too bad - I had some leg room, way more than the 747 coming home. Loads of kids on the bloody plane though - boo!!!!

I've put some images up of the wedding and I'm working my way through the Canada pictures . I took almost three full digital cards (1Gb each) so it will take a while to sort out some nice ones. However have a look now at the work in progress, I've done all the Toronto ones and I'm now starting on the train to Jasper.

Posted: Wednesday 11 June 2008

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