Going grey

Due to the fact we're spending ages looking at wedding photo's many of which contain pictures of the horses we've suddenly noticed how Mo has changed as he's grown up.

Mo in 2004 and again in 2008
Moises:  2004 and 2008

Ok, the first point we've noticed is the toned young Spanish stallion has been replaced with a lard-arse with love handles!!  In addition the horse that hated mud now thinks that he's a hippo and spends as much time as possible wallowing in as much dirt as he can find.

The shocking change has been his colour - we knew he was lighter but looking at the picture we were surprised as to how light he'd become. It's not something that we've paid much attention to as the change has been so slow in coming and he's often covered in a rug.

Wonder if it'll go completely white as he gets even older or shall I invite 'Just for horse' and re-colour him?

Posted: Thursday 03 July 2008

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