Should children be banned from weddings?

Cool - gravel!!!There is a great article on the BBC News Magazine website highlighting the growing issue of children being banned from weddings.

It cites brides being so obsessed about the day being 'perfect' that any distruption would ruin everything.  We didn't ban children from ours, to be fair only one was coming anyway.  Only one of my friends has been allowed to breed, the rest of us are leaving the gene pool well alone!

Alex, the little one - was brilliant, if a little obsessed with gravel, he even managed to time his comic moment to perfection.  Not bad for an 18 month year old!  "Does anyone know any reason why these two people shouldn't be joined in marraige?" asked the Rev Nuth.  "Daddy!!!" cried Alex - cue laughter. Did it 'ruin the day' - not a bit of it.  I think people spend way too much time and money trying to out-do the neighbours/relations that they miss the point.  You are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  It's not a showbiz event, just because Shrek and Coleen made theirs front page news doesn't mean you have to.

If we wanted to ensure we remained centre of attention, it's not children we should have banned but horses.  They stole the show from the moment they turned up, covered in glitter and flowers.  Once they were on scene Nadia and I could have gone home, I doubt we'd have been missed!  

Thinking about it if kids are being banned now - what's next, mother-in-laws???!!!!

Posted: Tuesday 08 July 2008

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