Clumsy Ian!

The hedgepig!Monday was not my best day, first off I was at work, then I walked into the garden umbrella in the dark and then I stood on a hedgehog!

In my defence it was a dark night and the stupid thing thought the best protection was to roll up.  Evolution gave the stupid thing legs but they never use them.  Spines may have been good 1000 years ago to protect against a badger or whatever eat hedgehogs but crap against cars and humans. 

While on this subject if there are any pigeons reading this, when your in the road and a car is coming FLY UP not waddle across the road.  Nature gave you wings, use them.

For the record the hedgehog received only a glancing stomp and it damaged just a few of the spine tips.  We brought him over the road and let him play in the dining room until he was ok.  He had a little feed and then was released back into the field.  The picture shows him reading the classifieds in the Beds of Sunday - someone has to!

Posted: Friday 01 August 2008

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