Another new toy

In 2006 my little sister bought me a new camera from Fuji (where she worked).  It was the S5000 Zoom and it started me off on what has become quite a little hobby.

However, as with all boys toys there is always something new and shiney to look at - well mine is a Canon EOS 450D digital SLR.  I'm now entering the expensive phase of the hobby!!!  I've two lenses an 18-55 and 70 - 300mm and just starting to play with them both.  Got to thank the wife (still getting used to that) for the new toy.  Although I do feel she's only bought me it so I can take pictures of Pat Parelli at the weekend!!!

As you can well imagine from me, the animals are the main models.  For some reason the rabbits are in 'pose mode' and are looking well.

Flopps Buggy

(Left to right: Flopps and Buggs)

As you can see they are looking good my little bunnies and when I get some better weather I'll venture outside and play!

Posted: Thursday 07 August 2008

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