The git wizard

For those of us that hoped that as everyone in the UK told him he was a knob for sitting in a box above the Thames for 44 days he'd just sod off - the git wizard is back.

David "the illusionist" Blaine, obviously illusionist mean egotistical moron in US English, is back this time hanging upside down in New York. 

No, don't try and see a point - there isn't one - he's an arse.

Quote from the BBC website "Blaine is suspended from a four-storey high metal frame, though he can be lowered to speak to fans face to face." 


Couldn't they all sit around and talk in the asylum like a normal day???

If you've ever wondered if the power of collective thoughts can work, try now and repeat after me "snap rope, snap rope".


Posted: Tuesday 23 September 2008

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