Grown up band

Crap shot of The Levellers on stageWhat started off as an album on repeat in the 6th form common room in the early 90s continued with an acoustic set in Northampton last night.

Throughout the 90s and into the 00s (what are we meant to call this and then next decade?) the Levellers have been always there or thereabouts on my tape deck, cd player and now iPod.  Levelling the land - started the whole thing off and my car CD player can probably play Letters from the underground without needing the CD as it's gone round that often!!!!

Well last night The Wildpeople and I went to The Derngate for an acoustic set from the boys.  Sadly Nadia wasn't well enough to attend which was a shame.  Aside from missing the wife (still not used to that yet!) the gig was awesome.   I have to say though The Levellers with a string section and selling a programme - very weird!!! 

Before any rude comments - yes the picture is from my phone and yes it is crap quality but no I have no plans to replace it.  It's a bloody phone - I have 600 quids worth of D-SLR, why have a camera phone?  I don't expect my SLR to send text messages!!!!!

Posted: Friday 26 September 2008

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