Why didn't I just ask for a pay rise?

But no, I had to be all corporate and ask for training to "better myself" so I'm now stuck on a Professional Diploma in Marketing Course for the next year.

The course in itself isn't bad, four modules over the year.  Two books for each and one intensive weekend for each one.  However I hadn't banked on the assignments.

These are basically full-time jobs, on top of the full-time job and in addition to what I laughingly call "a life".  I've just completed about five weeks work to produce 6,000 words of 'Marketing Planning' - oh the joys!!

Some days that meant a 1am finish with a 6am start for work - sleep, who needs that??  Well me actually, I don't work well on a few hours and you know things aren't going well when you're drinking coffee at midnight!

Just to make me feel even better, three days before hand-in of assignment one - they send me details of assignment two. 


Posted: Tuesday 02 December 2008

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