Have I died?

Well not exactly - I just haven't done much so the blog is a little bare.  Ok, let's be honest it would be more interesting watching grass grow than this blog.  So first off, sorry about that - I'll try and do better.

Did you have a great Christmas then Ian, I hear you ask?  No, no I didn't it was crap.  Nadia and I had flu so my entire Christmas holiday went like this:

  1. Get up, chuck horses out in the field. (for the record, they weren't in bed with me - we're close, but not that close)
  2. Go home to bed.
  3. Get up a 3pm and bring horses in from field.
  4. Go home to bed.
  5. Get up at 7pm and give horses their night feed.
  6. Go back to bed.

Repeat for over a week.  The only exception was on Christmas day when you could add:

2a. Get up at 1pm, go to mother in laws, look hungrily at her Christmas dinner.  Eat two mouthfuls, decide I want to be sick.  Go back to bed hungry and now grumpy(er).

Oh, and to make things even more fun, and remember the week after Christmas was almost entirely below freezing, the Rayburn packed up.  Therefore no heating, hot water or oven.  Brilliant.  Took almost 2 weeks before I could get it fixed - stupid, stupid thing.  Where would I be without Norman the miracle worker who fixes it?!  Frozen to death that's where!

Jemma decided to add to my woes over Christmas as well as she couldn't lie down in the stable.  Which for a horse with rheumatism the vet has always said marked the end of her run.  Needless to say I was gutted beyond belief.  So we gave her as much painkiller as we could, got Lara to come an massage her and hoped.  And hoped.  And hoped.  Then Jemma remembered she's meant to live forever and right in front of me flopped in the field and rolled.  Got up, looked at my as if to say "got you" and has been fine ever since.  I swear she does it to wind me up.

Nadia has also spent loads on a light therapy pad for her knee and with no word of a lie, the bumpy knee is so much calmer and she's standing with all her weight going through it.  She's started to be a cheeky little mare as well so we've cut out the pain killer and she's still stomping around.  So, new age it may be.  Many will mock it, but do you know what?  I don't give a flying f**k what people think.  Something's working, even if it's just Jemma's will power.  I'm so glad she's not a cat, as she's on about live 17 already!  Oh, and it was her birthday the other day - 22!!!  Happy birthday Jem Jem!

Here I am a month after Christmas, both my parents are another year older - happy birthday to you two as well, and I still have a cough.  The chest infection is as good as ever and the antibiotics did nothing.  Great, back to the docs again.

The one highlight is I've handed in draft one of my second CIM assignment - 5,000 words of marketing research bilge.  I'm sure Red will have fun marking that, or not!!

Well that's about it.  Going home soon - well Tesco's as I need food.  Bye!!!

Posted: Friday 30 January 2009

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