Bailing out of booze

The Green Man - EversholtAs an attempt to avoid the girls Avon part that was taking place in my house on Friday I spent my second consecutive Friday night in my local pub.

My in ability to drink booze is still going on - 1 pint since August!!!!  I just can't bring myself to drink anymore, no idea what I did to myself on my wedding reception but I wish I could work it out and market it as I could make a fortune training people who want to quit!

One thing that struck my on both nights out was the lack of people out in the pub.  Is the credit crunch actually hitting the village or do people not go out as much anymore?  The pub has spent a fortune doing itself up and it now looks fantastic and I can't fault the food, it's excellent so why not go down? I can definatly recommend the beer battered cod and chips!! Yum!!!

I'm sure if the pub was to close and apply for planning permission to convert to a house there would be uproar as it's "the heart of the village" so why don't people care now?  I know I'm a hypocrite, I may not go down again until the summer but if we all went down once a month I can't help think it would be help.  After all I bet the government will not be bailing out local pubs in the way we protect the public school educated thieves in the banking industry.  Go on, you know you want to visit now - see the Green Man.

Posted: Sunday 01 March 2009

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