Who'd own a horse?

Love 'em to bits but boy they can be hard work!!  Take my 'relaxing' weekend off:

Saturday 9am:  Horses sorted, Jemma has had her 20 mins with her infra-red boot for the knee, feet picked out all ok.  I chuck them into the field, close the gate and start the muck-out.

10am: Horses wander up and demand their rugs off.  So rugs off, horses fine and I start the job of cleaning the tack room so as there's rat poison around the horses are still locked out.

11am:  Tack room done so I open the gate and let the horses in.  Moises is first up - covered in blood!  Somehow, no idea how he's torn is eye open.  As you can image it's a panic phone call to the vet and 20 minutes later Mo is having is eyelid stiched up.  Thankfully it looks far worse that it is eye, the eye is not in danger but he does look he's gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!!!

The fact that he hates antibiotics so Nadia has to mix it with water and syringe it down his neck twice a day, which is fun!

Posted: Sunday 15 March 2009

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