Level one

Me and MoWell it was high time I got off my backside and started to actually do some of the Parelli stuff that I've been meaning to do for ages.  So on Sunday we dusted off the old video camera and went off to the field to record my level one audition.

For those of you that still don't have a clue about Parelli, the audition is in simple terms an online assessment of my skills, or lack of, at being a horseman!  From my point of you Mr Mo is such a little trouper that it's actually been more difficult to download from my old VHS camera to digital format in order to add to YouTube!  Two lunchtimes and counting!!!! 

I've given up Adobe Premier and gone back to simple old Windows Movie Maker as Adobe has way too many options.  I'm recording 10 mins of me playing with the horse not producing Star Wars!!!

That said it should be live soon on my YouTube channel if you want to have a laugh both at my "skills" and at Nadia's "skills" at videoing.  It was first thing in the morning, she wasn't drunk!!!  I fear I've made her watch too many episodes of CSI and was copying the camera work!!!!

Once all sorted I'll submit my video and see what happens.  I'll let you all know the results.

Posted: Tuesday 21 April 2009

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