Success: Parelli level one

Well it's official I've passed my level one!  My On Line savvy is level 1++ - wicked!!!! 

Onwards to level two now then I guess, which will mean having my ridden assessed by someone which will be scarey.  I've only competed once so I've only had comments from one person before so this will mark another change in my riding.

Moving forward I have some ideas and Kristi from Paralli has given me some nice comments to help "You have some things going for you at a level 2 standard!  Your Sideways Game was very very good!  Now you just need to start playing on the 22' line and adding more Circling Game to your play sessions.  The Circling Game will help you and your horse to develop your responsibilities."

My level one audition

Onwards and upwards - red savvy string here I come!!!

Posted: Thursday 30 April 2009

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