What a difference a week makes

Muntjac fawnOk, that would make a poor song title but it works in the field of our little Springwatch!  After the joy of seeing the young woodpecker I thought disaster had struck a few days later when over at the stables I found a youngster dead.  It had flown into the window of the barn.

The good news is that either it was a different nest or our family had two as this weekend another youngster appeared - yippee!!!  Come on little Woody, you can do it!!!

We've had another new arrival on Saturday night when we found a Muntjac fawn in the garden.  The female is leaving her safe in our garden while she goes out and finds food.  It's nice that our garden is seen as a safe place for the little thing.

We woke up on Sunday to find that in addition to the fawn, the male and female were laid out asleep on the lawn - so it must be safe for them all.  Buggy was out for a walk on Saturday night and met the female.  She stood her ground for about five minutes and then soiled herself and ran in at a rate of knots!!!

Also, more good news.  Moises has shoes again as he's on the mend.

Almost forgot - see the pictures here.

Posted: Sunday 14 June 2009

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