It is 2006 isn't it?

Nadia cooking on the camping stoveThe reason I ask that stupid question is because twice in the last seven days I've been without any form of electricity.  I wouldn't mind if I lived in a hurricane belt or in the middle of nowhere but I'm within an hour of London, 20 minutes from Bedford, Luton or Milton Keynes and five minutes from the M1.  I do not live in the wilderness!

The power cuts have damaged my TV and the immersion heater, both on when the power went, all which have to be replaced at my expense.  Do I get anything back from Powergen or whatever they are calling themselves this week?  No.  Not even an email to say sorry, or an explanation as to why in 2006 (still checking) that this can occur in JULY??????  Not exactly the stormiest month of the year.

As the picture shows, poor Nadia had to cook her lunch on the portable camping stove in the garden.  As you can make out from the pic, the storm that caused the power cut was very bad.  [mmm!]

Posted: Tuesday 11 July 2006

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