Flight from Cranfield

Ok, it's been a while sorry. I need to sort stuff out and write stuff up.  What's been going on?  Well by the end of the day I'll have central heating, a cooker and hot water for the first time in about 3-4 months!!!!  New Rayburn is being commisioned as I type - come on!

I've also had a sick old horse, Jemma got ill with Colic and looked very sorry for herself for a while.  Thankfully the survival instinct kicked in and she's now much better.  Looking old, but hanging in there which is great.  Moises is fine - a summer of Parelli to look forward to which is nice.

My summer (did we have one) started with a wicked flight out of Cranfield Airport using the Bulldog 2 seater trainer owned by Cranfield University.  There are some pictures of the event and see the video:


Posted: Saturday 08 August 2009

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