Wives, who'd have 'em?!

Nadia spent the weekend helping out at the Parelli Celebration at the LG Arena (it appears the NEC has gone all corporate!).  Well that was the plan, it appeared she went shopping!

"I've got you a present"  she says as she walks in the door after three days - a Parelli hat, cool.  Well not actually as it's woolly but "hot" didn't sound right!

She asked for a hand bringing her present in. Seemed odd, how big was it?  VERY!  A Parelli Western Saddle.  Not content with the boots she has the saddle now - if she takes up line-dancing I'm off!!  I mean, I'd make a crap cowboy, I hate beans!!  See the video below:

Of course I'm taking it seriously!!!

Just to continue the Parelli theme to the week it was the Gold Summit at Stoneleigh Park so off we popped to listen to Pat and Linda.  It was great, a real chance to see them without all the glitz and glamour and see the passion they have for the whole think.  It was a bit wierd at times, what's with the Savvy clap???????? 

Nadia and Pat Parelli

Nadia also got to meet the great man himself - bit pleased with herself!!!!

As I write this she's off in the new saddle, hopefully with Stacy's help we'll know how to fit it now.  Believe me they are very different to an English saddle.

It was suggested that we blog about our Parelli journey - mmm, a point to my blog - that could be a good idea!!!  Back soon!!!

Posted: Friday 27 November 2009

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