For once I'm organised!

For once in my life I am almost ready for something.  The oil tank is full all the Christmas food in the house and all presents wrapped.

The only fly in the ointment is the snow, which as anyone with a horse will tell you is fun for the first few hours then becomes a major headache.

Thankfully the horses are bare-foot so I don't have a problem with snowballing in their feet so they can spend a little time out in the field.  They do so enjoy rolling around and charging about in the snow for some reason.

When I get round to it I may get some piccies but to be honest you've seen one picture of them in the snow and you've seen them all.  However I have added a little video of them walking around the field on the first day.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year!!!

Posted: Tuesday 22 December 2009

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