Blame James May!

Model harrierFinally got round to writing about Christmas.  It was an odd one, it was like Christmas 1989 and I was 15 all over again. 

Why?  It was all James May's fault, he does a show about Airfix, I talk about building them as a kid and hey presto - Airfix for Christmas!!!

The first to be built was a Harrier GR3, see the top image on the right.  The second was a Typhoon 1b, which has gone together a little better I think.  WWII models are always a little easier as there are less bits to put together.

I have to say though, I'm not happy with the colour, needed more research, oh god - it's happening again.

Typhoon modelIt was kind of cool being a kid again and building them.  More to come, probably!  I do have my eye on the HMS Warspite model, I do have a kind a reason for this as Granddad was on her during the war.

Posted: Sunday 10 January 2010

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