Mixing business with pleasure

Under normal circumstances this website and my work life are two very different worlds that never collide.  

The first reason for this is common sense.  There have been so many blogs and Facebook pages that have resulted in people loosing their jobs it’s not worth the risk.  The second is just as obvious I guess – it’s my personal site so why fill it with work?  This blog can be dull enough without me writing about a day of meetings or trying to work out why a HTML email looks great in Gmail but looks rubbish in Outlook 2007!

However, needs must.

Cranfield has decided that marketing Cranfield University is no longer a requirement and announced this week that the Business Development office is to close.   Some jobs like the Enquiries Office are safe but marketing and web aren’t.   Therefore I need a job, and fast!

If you, or you know someone who, has a vacancy for an online marketing / website marketing or web content manager please get in contact.

My key skills include:

CV and contact details

A cut down version of my CV is available online, for a full version or to speak to me please get in touch.

Posted: Friday 26 February 2010

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