London - the first few weeks!

Well it’s been a month almost of working in London and so far so good.  It is an odd place, and some of the people are even odder but it’s fun.

I’m slap bang in the middle of Covent Garden so walking around I can’t help but find theatres and venue’s. Avenue Q looks good and this afternoon I even found the Mousetrap which is another I want to see at some point.   I’ve also found Stringfellows and by all account The Pineapple Dance Studio is nearby but the less said about them the better!

I have also tracked down a record and book shop – which is not going to be good!  Note to self, leave credit cards at home.

I do have a couple of observations from the first month:

  1. Why the fu*k do people feel the need to walk and text/surf their smart phones – GET OUT OF MY WAY I’M WALKING!!!
  2. Why do people “of a large size” insist on sitting next to me – F**k off, I know I’m only little but I’ve paid £3.5k for my ticket and therefore I'm not giving up half a seat so you can have more space!  The same applies to blokes who feel their gentleman's area are so massive they need spread their legs across the full width of the carriage - it's not that big, grow up!


Secretly quite glad Ingerland are out of the World Cup as every bloody game trains were cancelled due to “staff sickness” – Sickness my ar*e, down the pub more like.

Posted: Thursday 01 July 2010

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