I'm so lazy, sorry!

Well, I thought I'd better post something up here to prove I'm still alive - well I am!

So what's been happening in Ian World then?  Well on the horse front Moises is much better and riding out without a care in the world.  Don't know if it's because he's older or the illness made him wiser but he has become such a lovely horse now.  He always was a soppy old sod, much more of dog with his need for being fussed but it's even more now.

Crystal is also a little superstar - she's come out of her shell and is being a little trooper, hacks out like a dream for me and charges around like a loon with Laura.  Hopefully this year will see her debut on the showing scene, watch this space!

On the train front, @FirstCC are same as when they work it's fine, when it goes wrong all hell breaks out.  I had to walk from City Thameslink to London Bridge so I could tube it to West Hampstead just to get home the other night.  Which was fun, mind you I did walk down the river, passed the Globe Theatre, The Golden Hind and the Clink which was very interesting - so could have been worse!!

Well that's about it, I will try and find a point to the blogs - I think maybe "Ian and Crystal - a year in the life of" or something.  Or maybe I'll just forget to add anything again and nothing will happen!!!

Posted: Tuesday 24 January 2012

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