Get outa my way, I need food!

If the trains violent movements didn't keep you awake, loads of US tourists waddling down the corridor at 6am to be the first in the queue for breakfast certainly did.

The front of the train The back
Our train, the front and then the rear.

Who the hell eats six courses of rich food and snacks one day and then needs a cooked breakfast less than 10 hours after the last meal?! Nadia and I couldn't even face the pancakes and went for a breakfast of black coffee!!

Finally our vicars suggestion of a relaxing honeymoon started to work, this was it. Relax today as it was only day we could. That said we did cram a lot into the day:

Me in the bullet car
Me in the bullet car at the end
Sioux Lookout
The train stopped at Sioux Lookout

Phew, what a day! The busy day was broken up with a station stop at a place called Sioux Lookout. Great name for a tiny place in the middle of nowhere.

Sioux Lookout was great as the townsfolk made a real effort and met the train to give out newspapers and information on their town. Short history: Sioux Indians come up from the US to hunt and kick the locals ass at any opportunity. Locals get pissed off running away and fight back. Battle ensues, locals win and create a fixed settlement. The end. Not perhaps the best summary of the place but you get the point. Their town website gives a better summary.

Having eaten myself stupid I now feel closer my American friends than ever before - hell I may even soon understand baseball...

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