All aboard!

The Delta Chelsea
Various views of the honeymoon suite (!)

The great treck over the Vancouver started at Toronto's Union Station when train number one - the westbound Canadian pulled out of the station.

The mighty trip lasted about half an hour before the train stopped and the reversed for about 10 minutes. The reason? The driver noticed "he was on the wrong track"?! How the hell can a train get lost, I thought they ran on rails? Never mind, at least he noticed before we ended up in Montreal!!

Our cabin 'F' in coach 113 (Blair Manor) was the honeymoon suite - Anne-Marie up to her tricks again. This was a monster of a cabin, you could swing a cat, well maybe a kitten...with no head.

As we stormed along at about 60-70 miles an hour we soon discovered the best bit of the train - FOOD! Lots and lots of food. As much coffee and jammy dodgers as I could eat as well as a cooked breakfast, three course lunch and three course dinner. The diet ended here...big time!

Nadia and I by one of the massive engines of the Canadian
Nadia and I by one of the massive
engines of the Canadian

Passenger services give way to freight on these lines and the arrival time in Jasper was given as Thursday. That's a trick First Capital Connect should use. "You train will the morning". Joking aside, it's a brilliant way to travel you just eat, read, sleep and chill out until you arrive. No stress, or hastle it's fantastic!

Sleeping on a train is an experience everyone should try at least once. I swear the driver sped up decided to hit every set of points he could find to ensure that at least once an hour you got chucked out of bed. I have never been so pleased to see some cargo netting when you wake up with your arm through it and realise without it you'd have fallen on the floor. It's great fun!!!

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