Happy Birthday to me!!!

Lake Minnewanka
Me at Lake Minnewanke

Me with some Mule deer
Me with some Mule deer

Well I've got another year older - fortunately I don't look it yet!!! Thankfully for us my parents stuck $100 in my card which has kept us solvent for a bit longer!

Today was another drive around the area to look at lakes and stuff including Lake Minnewanke, The Hoodoos and Bow Falls. The lake was great, it was nice to just sit by the shore and listen to nothing and feel the cold air coming at you from the mountains.

In the afternoon Nadia and I decided that sitting and eating was taking its toll on us so we had to burn some calories so we put on the hiking gear and headed up Tunnel Mountain. Not a massive walk in terms of distance, only about 4km but it was steep as it climbed to 1,690m.

Reaching the top gave us fantastic views of the town of Banff and it also gave us a view in the other direction of the Hoodoos again. To be honest, they didn't seem much better the second time around! Just a collection of rock stacks sacred to the First Nations. The setting was great though, so I'll forgive them!!!

After the trek down the mountain we went on into Banff to have a birthday dinner. As money was tight the idea of a posh meal went out of the window so it was off to Tony Roma's for a MASSIVE burger and chips. How else would I end my birthday? Gave up on beer though as Canadian beer tastes like weak Dutch larger.

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