'Welcome' to Canada

The Delta Chelsea
Our hotel, as seen from the CN Tower
As if flying over the Atlantic Ocean in a metal tube wasn't bad enough - someone went and put children in it with me.

Thousands of miles of screaming little buggers kicking your seat and running around the place. There should be a special place on a plane for anyone under the age of 16, can I suggest the hold?

Things 'improved' when we arrived at Toronto airport, we were welcomed by a 40 minute visit to immigration where the Gestapo - sorry Canadian Customs - demanded we proved that we were going to be leaving. Nice to feel welcome.

Once we'd proved that we were not going to outstay our welcome we collected our baggage and set off to our hotel - the honeymoon had begun!

The Delta Chelsea is sold as the largest hotel in Canada - they were not kidding! Our tour director, Anne-Marie managed to blag us a room upgrade as it was our honeymoon - result!!!!!

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